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Star Chefs Digital Cooking Competition Winner

Kasu-Glazed Meyer Beef Chuck Ssam, Beef Fat Rice, Sesame, Kimchi
Chef Tae Strain | Momofuku CCDC | Washington D.C.

For the beef fat:
1 lb dry aged beef fat
½ lb butter
1 large bunch thyme
5 cloves garlic
For the beef fat rice:
2 cups rice (washed 3-4 times to rinse excess starch)
3 cups water
Horseradish compote
Soy sauce
For the kasu glaze:
¼ cup rye kasu (could also substitute regular white miso)
1 cup ginger
1 cup garlic
2 green apples
1 cup soy
½ cup white sugar
½ cup brown sugar
1 pint soy
1.5 cups gochugaru
To assemble & serve:
Meyer beef chuck
Salt & pepper, to taste
Beef fat (see above)
Kasu glaze (see above)
Shiso leaves
Sesame seed
Bibb lettuce

For the beef fat:
Grind or small dice beef fat and dice butter. finely chop garlic. place garlic, thyme and both butter/aged beef fat in pot. Bring to simmer to allow beef fat and butter to caramelize. should be deeply aromatic. cook until butter begins to brown and develop brown butter solids. Remove from heat then strain through a chinois and chill. Will probably produce more than you need but can be held in freezer indefinitely.
For the beef fat-mushroom rice:
Place washed, drained rice in rice cooker and add water then cook to respective instructions. Once the rice has finished cooking transfer to a large bowl and fluff with a fork or rice spatula. Season with soy sauce, chopped scallion, aged beef fat, lemon zest and horseradish compote to your taste. Can be held warm until ready to use but best eaten right away.
For the kasu glaze:
Combine rye kasu, ginger, garlic, apples and soy in a blender and puree until completely smooth. Whisk remaining ingredients into mixture.
To assemble & serve:
Clean excess fat from meat. Season liberally with salt, black pepper and gochugaru on both sides then seared on all sides in a cast iron pan. Chill meat then place in cryovac bag with 3 tablespoons beef fat. Cook sous vide for 48 hours at 133 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove meat from bag and pat dry then re-season with salt and black pepper. brush liberally with kasu glaze and char on the grill, basting more as it cooks. You want to develop a deep char and crust from the sugars in the glaze, should only be 2 mins or so on each side as the beef is already cooked to temp. Remove and slice then garnish with sliced shiso leaves and sesame seed and serve with gochujang sauce, kimchi (store bought is fine) and lettuce to wrap.

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