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Our Promise

Chefs and consumers who enjoy the superior taste and eating experience of Angus beef appreciate that Meyer Natural Angus is a brand of all-natural beef with Angus genetics offering the consistent renowned taste and tenderness of the Angus breed. The goal at Meyer Natural Angus is to produce the highest-quality, most consistent all-natural beef available, embracing and satisfying the growing consumer demand for great tasting, humanely handled beef.

No Antibiotics or Added Hormones

The USDA applies the term "natural" to foods which are minimally processed without artificial ingredients. This claim could apply to most beef sold in grocery stores. We insist the beef we source is raised without the use of added hormones or antibiotics on a vegetarian diet of grains and grasses.

Humane Handling

The Meyer Natural Foods Humanely Handled Program includes the highest levels of integrity. Our program complies with both the USDA and the cattle industry's best practices for humane handling.

Humanely Handled Standards

Vegetarian Diet

The cattle are never fed animal by-products.

Animal Genetics

For some brands, the color of an animal's hide is enough to constitute an Angus breed title. Meyer Natural Angus requires a validated genetic history to ensure that our Angus meets expectations for the breed's revered taste and tenderness.

Angus Beef

Angus is valued for a superior eating experience, based on marbling and tenderness. We produce top-quality Red and Black Angus genetics.

USDA Prime & USDA Choice

Meyer Natural Angus offers the two top grades for beef. USDA Prime is the highest grade, based on marbling. That is why prime is the most flavorful and tender grade. USDA Choice is high-quality beef with a slightly lower level of marbling than USDA Prime.